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The original method, refined over the decades. On average 40% lower life cycle costs than with traditional flooring solutions. Works just as well for new floors as when renovating existing floors. The grinding process is entirely dry, without sludge or water. Extreme evenness means low vibrations. Minimal environmental impact. Easy to maintain. A SUPERFLOOR has a nearly unlimited service life and it can handle the toughest treatment imaginable. Almost any environment Superconcrete can be used almost anywhere. The naturally beautiful surface helps in creating a positive impression in shop environments, for example. Its durability and evenness are especially appreciated in factories and warehouses. The easily cleaned surface makes the floor a popular choice for schools, museums, shopping centers, airport terminals, gyms and other highly trafficked areas. Multiple application areas. Industrial and warehouse environments. Public buildings. Shops and showrooms. High-end architecture.
Polished concrete floor is hard and resistant. There is no tendency to covering stratification because there is no covering as such. The main reason why many warehouse owners and owners of retail trade choose polished concrete is its simple maintenance. Polished concrete floors are not only easy to clean using conventional wet cleaning but it is also quite durable. There are no traces remain of the truck wheels and stains from oil and various chemicals. Thanks to polished concrete floor there is no need to use mastics and coverings as well as no need to do all related works to it. It helps us to save money and time. Polished concrete floor service is longer than vinyl floor and streamlined flooring tile service. Such a floor will keep its shine for long period of time. It will not need maintenance but its service is comparable to the building’s exploitation period. Polished concrete floor is only required re-polishing every five-ten years. In addition, the downtime associated with the minimum of the concrete floor polishing service or pedestrian flow can be recovered almost instantly.
The beauty of polished concrete floor is its brightness, and it is similar to burnish stone. Thanks to polishing and denudation fillers polished concrete floor creates an impression of natural stone and looks expensive and elegant. Another major advantage of using polished concrete floor is its high light-reflectance, which is particularly important for office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other constantly visited places. These places simply need to maintain positive professional image and look clean and neat. It means that areas with polished concrete floor increase the visibility and lighting is lees needed. You can choose the degree of concrete floor gloss: glossy, semi-matt or gloss saturated sheen when polished concrete floor shines like a mirror.
The value of the polished concrete floor, if you select the right approach, does not exceed the value of the concrete floor with a fixed surface. Polished concrete floor is extremely competitive in terms of value because it does not need special maintenance just regular wet cleaning. If you look at the service cycle value of the polished concrete floor which is compared with the traditional floor coverings, this system is three times cheaper than the system of traditional floor.
Concrete is a natural material consisting of portland cement and fillers. Portland cement is made from limestone and clay. Fillers are various rocks crushing product. To ensure the curing reaction, concrete is composed of water. Thus, concrete does not contain solvents or volatile, or migratory chemicals that may be exposed to biological degradation process or can cause odour and allergy. The ancient problem of concrete was that when it became solid it releases lime, which creates a corrosive alkaline dust. The polished concrete floor concept includes a chemical surface by which the lime is transformed in inert substances. In addition, using dry-polishing 99,99% of particles in the air clung to the filtration vacuum systems. It allows to do grinding when you want and without pauses for building cleaning. Polished concrete can "breathe", milking and releasing water vapour and maintain a positive atmosphere. This is so because the concrete surfaces are not impervious. The concrete will not promote bacterial growth or fungi and meld formation because of it naturally high pH (alkaline in nature).

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