Superconcrete floors

Concrete floor


The original method, refined over the decades. On average 40% lower life cycle costs than with traditional flooring solutions. Works just as well for new floors as when renovating existing floors. The grinding process is entirely dry, without sludge or water. Extreme evenness means low vibrations. Minimal environmental impact. Easy to maintain. A SUPERFLOOR has a nearly unlimited service life and it can handle the toughest treatment imaginable. Almost any environment Superconcrete can be used almost anywhere. The naturally beautiful surface helps in creating a positive impression in shop environments, for example. Its durability and evenness are especially appreciated in factories and warehouses. The easily cleaned surface makes the floor a popular choice for schools, museums, shopping centers, airport terminals, gyms and other highly trafficked areas. Multiple application areas. Industrial and warehouse environments. Public buildings. Shops and showrooms. High-end architecture.

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Concrete Floor Restoration Works:

Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor polishing

Concrete impregnation

Hydrophobic impregnation of Concrete
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